Paper Topics

There will be separate session for paper presentation in the conference.

Topics of the papers are listed here

  • Global COVID challenges to promoting economic development
  • Poverty alleviation through corporate social responsibilities
  • Investment and business opportunities in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry
  • Investment and business opportunity in Indian states – A special study
  • Emerging business opportunities start-ups and innovative projects
  • Opportunities in MSME sector
  • Higher education, professional training, research, and employment opportunities
  • Networking as a potential source for promoting prosperity through NGOs,   community organizations, temple committees, chambers of commerce, and professional organizations.
  • Funding and financial assistance through financial institutions, banks, and venture capital, among others
  • World peace and conflict resolution through economic development
  • Risk management and business development.
  • Accounting procedure and management skills towards economic development.
  • Opportunities in agriculture, agro products, agro industries, farming and rural development.
  • Opportunities for information technology, communication, mass media & print media.
  • Business communications and professional ethics through Tamil language and classical literature.
  • Opportunities in health care projects, Indian medicine projects and medical tourism.
  • Tax system analysis on economic development in India and comparative study with other countries.
  • Women empowerment through education, entrepreneurship, and employment.
  • Laws, rules and regulations to establish business and international trade for economic development.
  • Socio-economic development of Tamil and Indian communities worldwide through soft power.
  • Investment and business opportunities through the Government of India schemes.
  • Dubai is an investment destination – a critical study.
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) role in the era of COVID19 towards economic development.
  • United Nations – contributions towards sustainable developments.
  • Promote ethnic food, recipes to start restaurants worldwide.
  • Cinema as a profession for economic development and to build peace and harmony in society.
  • Special drive to get OCI Card for Indian origin Tamils – A study.